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Sod Care: Mowing

Sod Care: Mowing

Sod Care: Mowing

You’ve been watering your new sod religiously since it was installed and your hard work is paying off. The grass is growing! And fast. So, when should you cut it for the first time?

You should mow your new sod for the first time once the roots have grown into the soil underneath. Usually 2-3 weeks after the date of installation.


It’s important that the roots have grown enough before you mow, or else the sod pieces will lift up with the power of the mower and be ripped apart. This will result in pieces being missing in your new lawn. To test if the roots have grown enough, grab onto a corner of a piece of sod and give it a strong tug. If it doesn’t lift up it’s ready to mow. If it does lift up, wait a few more days and test again.

Once your sod is ready to cut stop watering a day or two before mowing. Having dry, firm ground to drive the mower over is ideal. You want to make sure the blades on your mower are sharp. This will ensure that the grass is cut, instead of torn.

For the first few cuts, it is advised to adjust the mower blade or deck height a little higher until grass is better established. Once lawn is well established, keep your sod at a height between 2 inches and 3 inches.  Cutting too short is never a good practice for a healthy lawn, especially during dry spells. For the first few times you mow your new sod, make sure to mow in the direction the sod was laid rather than across it. This will put less stress on the roots.

Follow these tips and you should have a beautifully manicured lawn.